Monday, July 16, 2012

Checking in on my sanity level

The last 6 weeks were pretty crazy with being on the road pretty much all of June, then doing a short work trip the beginning of this month, as well as hosting my sister for a visit. But I'm finally back in a somewhat regular and more normal schedule for a while.

Hopefully this means I can pick back up on the blogging and blog reading. Did I miss any drama in the blogosphere recently?

In WoW news, let's check on my sanity (or technically lack there of), shall we? Resilient Victory and Master of Arathi Basin, check (finally). Still working on Silverwing Sentinel for Justicar, check.

I have actually picked up grinding for Battlemaster since I will get that achieve before Justicar. To finish Battlemaster I need to first get Eye of the Storm The Perfect Storm. It's EOTS weekend this upcoming weekend, but the prospect of yelling at folks going for middle pains me. I'm just going to have to suck it up and grind for it.

The other two achieves I need are the two flag returning acheives in Warsong. Unfortunately they are really a pain to get #1 a healer and #2 on a laptop with not great framerates. I only need 8 more returns for one, but I'm pretty certain that to be able to return 5 flags in one WSG I'm going to have to do it in a premade group.

So three achieves and I am Battlemaster! In summary in case you were wondering yes, I am still insane.

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  1. I am actually getting PVP achievements on different characters. I have two i created for pvp only and the rogue (dont hate me) got the WSG 5 flag return at level 16. With MoP going account wide with achievements, i thought to spread it out, since i really have no will to pvp on my main - holy priest. As you know, holy priest pvp means you heal in angel form only.