Monday, January 9, 2012

Transmog not cooperating

Over the holidays I had a decent amount of time to play and was running some old dungeons for pets and drops. I thus started to pick up a lot of old gear, which was fun to try on. This got me to looking up gear on Atlasloot and thinking through possible transmog outfits. I've decided my first transmog priority is trying to grind out some BC dungeons for what I think is a really cool druidy transmog set, the replica Tier 1 set. See Angelya's incredible post on the druid tier sets.

My plan for this tier set was to match it up with a staff that has animated flowers and mushrooms growing on it.

Draenic Wildstaff drops from Crypts, but I was unsuccessful at getting it to drop. Though looking this staff up on Wowhead, it looks like it shares the same model as the quest rewards offered from this low level quest. Hooray! I know what I'm doing next time I'm online!

However it doesn't look like I have easy alternatives for the chest, helm, or shoulders, which I think are the key pieces to this outfit. I ran normal Bot 7 or 8 times over two days to try to get the shoulders. I also tried for the helm and the shoulders a couple times last week. Sigh. I guess I'll just have to offer up a prayer to the loot gods.

In other gear news, here is my latest pvp helm:

Look my eyes are covered and yet I can still tell the difference between the green and blue gates in Strand of the Ancients! (Yes, there is a painful bg backstory to this). Anyways, I wonder what Blizz's plan is with pvp gear and resilience. At some point they're going to have to reset some conversion element, don't you think? I mean look at where my resilience was last week:

I wonder if they're going to just let resilience scale with the higher level pvp gear we get. Are we going to see damage reduction of over 50%? Sure, I love that a single player cannot take me down (especially in tree form... rawr!) but damage reduction of +50%... doesn't that get a bit ridiculous? I would imagine such high damage reduction numbers would also make it very difficult (translation: many painful deaths and cursing at the screen) for anyone wanting to gear up a new toon with pvp gear.


  1. Dammit, it's going to be even HARDER to kill you in Tol Barad now!! T_T

    I wonder if they'd start having an Armor Penetration - as in, Resilience Penetration - stat. And it would be either Resil or ResilPen on armor, so players would have to choose between gearing for survivability or killing power? Just a random thought.

  2. @Rades: Very interesting idea to let us make some choices with our pvp gear and stats! Just like we gem and reforge our pve gear, perhaps we could do the same with our pvp gear?

    I'm not even fully geared in this season's pvp gear yet and I'm at 4400 resilience. I just don't think they can let this resilience stack forever.

  3. Wow... I love that flowery staff! Goes very well with the tier 1. I've had my eye on the Pillar of Ferocity from MH, another flowery one. I wonder if it's solo-able at level 90 yet.. :)