Wednesday, January 25, 2012

PvP talk

So I was looking at my statcounter logs the other week and I kid you not, someone actually found this blog with this exact search: "I'm not bossy I just have better ideas". This is why statcounter rocks! Hmmm.... so I wonder if I should self reflect on this for a moment.

Ok, self reflection done. Speaking of being bossy and having better ideas let's talk about bgs for a bit, shall we? So I was in a Warsong Gulch over the weekend and there was a pretty undergeared hunter carrying the flag. He was getting targeted by a bunch of Horde who came after him and eventually he died. He then decided to question my healing of him. He said something to the effect of: "I'm getting targeted and all you do is cast the green aoe healing circle"?

To which I responded, "Hello, swiftmend"? So this huntard decides to criticize my healing when he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about? Let's just say I had some words with this guy. I probably should have taken screenshots but I was too hot to think straight.

Folks have asked me why or how I can pvp so much. And yes, I readily admit that it can be painful. PvP definitely has really high highs and really low lows. You have to remember those highs when you're in those lows. And likewise remember that you'll be back in those lows when you're in those highs. Despite our joking of alliance being bad at pvp, I do think that overall it balances out.

I think for myself I am addicted to the pvp rush. Whether its the rush of having a bunch of Horde trying taking you down, the rush of completely annihilating a team, or the rush of your blood boiling because of your own ridiculous team. In pve I may get frustrated, but I wouldn't say that I really get mad. But in pvp, its that rush of adrenaline whether from anger or exhilaration that has got me hooked.

Anyways, Sam, Violent, and I were doing some bgs together last night. Between all our pvp toons, the three of us probably have well over 200,000 honor kills. We were talking about what drives us crazy in different bgs. Here is my personal list.

How to drive K crazy in battlegrounds:

10. Twin Peaks or Warsong: A flag carrier that runs away from the healers when they are targeted, then proceeds to blame you for their death when you were being expertly cced.

9. Strand of the Ancients: Running instead of using the portals to quickly jump back to defend.

8. Arathi Basin: Teams that are overly defensive or overly offensive. Yay, lets have 7 people defending stables! (Though I think these 7 people would be related to #1 below). Or let's just constantly rush bases and have no one defend!

7. Strand of the Ancients: Folks who can't tell the difference between the green and blue gates.

6. Isle of Conquest: The fact that Alliance always takes Docks but can't defend the glaives worth shit.

5. Alterac Valley: Standing on noob hill instead of defending West and East Towers, allowing a rogue or druid to recap.

4. Battle of Gilneas: Teams that rush 8 folks to WW, see that no Horde are coming across, yet get all the way to WW, waste precious time there, then wonder why LH was lost. You can see them running across! If you see no red running across to WW, run back to LH or go to Mines. Quickly.

3. Strand of the Ancients: Taking the Southern graveyard when you're attacking.

2. Eye of the Storm: Having over half of your team go for the middle/flag instead of towers. Those who go for the middle when your team is down 3 towers to 1 deserve a special place in hell.

1. Any BG: Being afraid of dying. The penalty for dying is nothing in this game. Don't go do something stupid that won't help your team or will mean a certain death, but sometimes you have to take chances. So if you're afraid of dying, don't pvp.

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