Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm a 25-34 year old guy?

So make sure you are logged into your google account, then go to this link. It provides demographic information Google has inferred about you based on your web-surfing habits.

Let's take a look at mine:

So we have my comics, check.
Pandora, check.
All WoW related sites, check.
My blog stuffs, check.

I'm a bit confused by the finance and law/government categories. But see how at the bottom it says I am a 25-34 year old guy? I wonder exactly which category it was that put me over to the male side. I'm guessing the Gaming and I wonder when the "Games - Online Games - Massive Multiplayer" category won't be automatically tagged as male.

I find the 25-34 age bracket amusing as well because I wish I was still there! As of last year I am no longer in that age category. Also, I guess the Shopping category wasn't enough to tag me female? Does this take volume of surfing into account? Maybe I need to check out Pinterest more?


  1. I got male 25-34 too.. must be the default for video game players..

  2. Well I'm apparently an 18-24 year old male. Wrong on both counts Google. I bet it's online games that tag me as male.

    Interesting although I'm almost always logged into google they either classify certain websites I habituate incorrectly, or don't detect them at all - there really ought to be a few interests like "politics" and "cooking" detected.

  3. Very interesting, can't wait to check this out at home! My browsing on my work computer did pin my age and gender correctly. However, I've been on a big cooking kick lately, so possibly all that tipped the gender scale.

  4. Hmm, it got my age range and gender right (same as what it said for you, haha), but it listed one of my searching trends as Science - Astronomy, which is baffling.

  5. Hey, at least you got younger than you are . . . I got 65+ Male. Huh??? More than 20 years my senior and the wrong gender. Looking at news, YouTube or my guild webpage; listening to music; or going to Amazon or certain government websites indicates I am 65+?

    To be fair, my blogs are associated with a different Google account and are in a different browser, as well as any searching I do for them, so I guess they don't have the whole picture.

    The demographics can be edited, but I'm more curious to see if Google ever changes its mind.

  6. Ker, you are a 25-34 year old male, you've been pulling our legs all this time???


  7. @SirFwalgMan: Must be!

    @Analogue: I wonder what made you 18-24 as opposed to the more common 25-34?

    @ambient: Yep. I did this from my work laptop, and I'm curious whether it'd be different from my laptop at home.

    @Rades: Perhaps it was from your connection to Vidyala? I don't know, maybe you were searching for which planet those blue space goats are from?

    @Anachan: 65+?!?! seriously? Yeah, it would be interesting to see how Google comes up with this.

    @Kayeri: Apparently Google says its so, so it must be true!!!

  8. @Klepsacovic: Oh my dear Klep, what I would give to see the list of your interest categories...

  9. I'm an 18-24 year old male who is into Autos & Vehicles apparently (why yes, I do change my own oil, but I don't google instructions for it.) Herp de derp.

  10. "Your categories and demographics
    No interest or demographic categories are associated with your ads preferences so far. You can add or edit interests and demographics at any time."
    See, Google says I have no interests and belong to no demographic. I think that makes me the control in regression equations when there is no defined reference group.

  11. No interest or demographic categories are associated with your ads preferences so far. You can add or edit interests and demographics at any time.

    I've deactivated that crap and use an ad-blocker.

  12. I'm happy with that... they took 20-26 years off my age... maybe they were thinking of my interests...