Friday, September 9, 2011


Things have been a bit crazy in the last week or so, which will only increase in the next couple of months. My last day of my old job was last Friday (huzzah) and I start my new job in Seattle on the 19th. I'll start by commuting to Seattle weekly before making the final move sometime later in October or November. I'm currently in the craziness of getting my Chicago condo ready to put on the market.

I was in New Mexico this past extended weekend spending time with my best friend. It was interesting because for two days I ended up taking care of her 4 month old. I discovered what its like to play WoW with a baby! Even though I wasn't with the baby long, I definitely had the feeling of needing some escape after the constant rotation of baby sleeps, baby eats, baby needs to be entertained, baby needs a diaper change. So when the baby would go down for a nap, I'd log on and have enough time to do a couple of quests.

Drop wise in raids, I got the healing helm off Beth a week or so ago. Perhaps my luck with FL drops is changing! The guild went back to Cho'gall on Sunday night without me and I was told that the pally priest warlock token dropped yet again. I swear, we're cursed! Seriously its the only token we've only had drop! I'm not sure what we need to do to change our luck. Pray to the loot gods?

Guild wise Jess and I were talking about our guild and our kids (the guildies). I started talking about wondering what would happen if Jess and I weren't around to lead a raid or if we were to quit the game. We started discussing who would take over GM duties. I think we came to the conclusion that we are not sure that anyone else would want the job. Thus we realized that we are leading the guild not out of any sort of ability or skill, but out of default. :)


  1. Ur doing it wrong! Feed baby in one hand, game with the other.. Entertain baby by showing it the pretty colours on the screen and teaching it to say educational things like *For the Horde*.. And seriously diaper changing should be delegated at all costs :D

    Haha, yes, I've often ended up in the *Default* position :)

    *hugs* good luck with the new job :)

  2. Hee, I got the Smoldering Censer of Purity last week, so maybe it's starting to turn for both of us! I still have no helm or shoulders, though, which I'd really like to update. Now that we have downed Alys and are starting Staghelm, I am getting trinket fever, too. :)

  3. @Issy: lol! This little bebeh was the chubbiest baby I've ever seen... about 20 pounds at 4 months. I don't think I have enough arm strength to feed him with one hand!

    Thanks for the good wishes! I have so much to do before I leave that I'm starting to stress out. Here was my day today. Go through some kitchen stuff... oh look a cupcake mix... I should really make some cupcakes... oh wait I have no eggs... walk to store to get eggs... make cupcakes... waste 3 hours where I should have been packing/cleaning up. /sigh

    @Kayeri: Hooray! We haven't gone back to Alys in a while now. We just don't ever have enough reliable interrupts for that fight. :(

  4. "Thus we realized that we are leading the guild not out of any sort of ability or skill, but out of default."

    Oh. Hmmm. I had assumed it was because our voices sounded sexy on vent.

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  6. Yeah, sounds like a terrible job really. Maybe raid leading once in a while would be tolerable, but GM? Hell to the no. We all appreciate, but do not envy the work you both do.