Monday, September 26, 2011

Yes, that really happened

1. I haven't posted in two weeks:

It's been a crazy couple of weeks for me personally, as the week of the 12th I was frantically getting my condo in Chicago ready to put on the market. It's funny how staging a home means making it an environment that no one really lives in, i.e. nothing out anywhere! Then last Monday I flew to Seattle for my first week of work. It was a tiring first couple of days from the mental aspect of just getting used to a new work environment, as well as dealing with jet lag and the crazy Seattle hills. Hopefully things will settle down so I can get back to a more regular posting schedule.

2. Baleroc provided some lols:

You know the trash on the left side before you get to Baleroc? Well for some reason a couple weeks back, I could not run back to Bal without grabbing aggro. I swear, I think I died three times on a single run back. After the third death, I just asked someone to rez me. /sigh

It was another night on Baleroc where dps and healers were learning our respective transitions. I was having a hard time hearing my arch nemesis Lorosia, who is pretty quiet on vent. I joked to Jess it was because the dps were too loud on vent and that they needed to simmer down. He goes, "Seriously? lawl".

As we were learning the fight, the healers ended up going to another channel, which we've never done before. It was nice in a way because we could then openly blame everything on the tanks and the dps. But it also felt isolating because you couldn't hear everyone else. I don't think I want to do separate vent channels until we absolutely have to.

3. There is more than one rare dragon in Deepholm:

A week or so ago I was farming herbs or lavascale catfish or something in Deepholm when my NPC scan went off. Ooh, a dragon! Now I sorta knew in the back of my mind that there was some rare elite that drops a mount or something in Deepholm. I guess I figured this dragon was that dragon. First I called Jess to come help. I thought that the two of us could kill it. Um... 20 something minutes later and the dragon ended up disengaging. I think he was laughing at a tank and a healer trying to kill him.

Thus, we called Nikolai to come help us. Even then it took us a good while. The dragon then drops its loot and what? There is no mount? Oh... this is Xariona, who just drops 359 elites. Not to be confused with Aeonaxx, which is the elite that drops the mount. /sigh

4. We are cursed:

The Left Claw's first kill of Majordomo? Guess what shoulder token drops. Yep, pally priest warlock FFS. FFS!!! We only ever saw pally priest warlock tokens drop off Cho'gall. I'm not quite sure what we need to do to change our luck. Perhaps make an offering to the loot gods? I don't know perhaps we can sacrifice a hunter or a DK or something.

5. Gamers are succeeding where scientists failed:

Finally over a year ago I posted about Foldit, an online game that scientists created for players to collaborate and compete in predicting the structure of protein molecules. Well get this. Through Foldit, gamers have solved the structure of a retrovirus enzyme from an AIDS-like virus, a problem that had long stumped scientists.

The research program director noted that "“Online gamers have solved a longstanding scientific problem, perhaps leading the way to new anti-viral drugs". An article that talks a bit more about this concludes by saying "The ingenuity of game players is a formidable force that, if properly directed, can be used to solve a wide range of scientific problems.”

How cool is that?


  1. We spent our first major night on Rags last night after dropping Staghelm for the second time, sheesh he's easy now. The first kill, it was the shoulder token, which was given to me! ((still growling at Shannox for never, ever dropping the shoulders)) and last night, he dropped the lovely and wonderful Jaws of Defeat, which I managed to get my greedy paws on as well! Maybe next week he'll cough up the firecat staff, then I'll be done with him, loot-wise... lol

    Rags we made good progress on, we managed to get to the 2nd transition several times! Lich King sure took us longer to get to that point!

    And I saw that article on Foldit, that was just awesome, I read it with a huge grin on my face. Score for gamers!

  2. We have 2 pallies, 2 priests and a warlock in our 10-man. I think you've been getting our shoulder drops. We only ever see the DK/mage/druid/rogue one. And we have 1 DK, 1 mage.

  3. Our first Staghelm token was ALSO the Paladin one! In fact, it's dropped so often that both our Paladins and our Priest have their shoulder tokens. :( I, sadly, am still without the DK shoulder token.

    /shakes fist at Paladins

  4. "But it also felt isolating because you couldn't hear everyone else. I don't think I want to do separate vent channels until we absolutely have to."

    Let's be honest. You didn't like not being able to give me crap on vent. It's not fun to blame the DPS and tanks when they can't hear it. ;)

  5. Jess tanking the floor, me bickering with K in a private channel...

    Just call me Oedipus.

  6. @Kayeri: Grats on the drops though! You were due, though, no?

    @Anon: OMG only if we could trade tokens...

    @Rades: Hmmm lets just blame it all on pallys?

    @Lorosia and Jess: lawl

    Jess said that he was nervous for a bit that Lorosia and I were going to escalate to a "Jess and K fight" level argument and he wasn't sure whether Lorosia would come out alive. :) Hee hee.

    I will say though that if I bicker with you to that point, its only because I really like you. Really, its true! I have to know and trust you (and the subsequent friendship) pretty well to be comfortable enough to bicker with you.

  7. I was due, I must admit that, but I'm starting to feel like quite the loot whore, but it all happened at once rather than dribbling in.. ::chuckle:: Now if I can get the Int trinket from Alys, the tier helm, and the firecat staff, I'll have everything I hope to get from Firelands. But I have 4 piece already, so I'll have to wait for our mage, rogue, and DK to get theirs, I'm sure. ;)

    and btw, you guys make me laugh! =)