Monday, February 14, 2011

Kill shot reenactment

Hooray, kill shot reenactment! So last week was our second week of raiding, and look there is Halfus with his two headed self and Omnomnom's four man posse. So lets then go around the outside and I can tell you a bit about the guildies.

Starting on the lower left we have Eregon, our conservative Republican of tanks. Continuing clockwise, we have Kalthan our hunter. Kal has two pets out with him, his monkey named Nikolai and his crab named Keredria. Nikolai and I are currently planning our revenge. Then there is Nkm who is bound to be archaeologizing when he isn't raiding.

Next, there is our dark intent couple, Buns and Nikolai. I've put our other mage Darcness on the Deathcharger's Reins from Stratholme because this is my reenactment and it's going to happen Darc, I swear! Then we have our pally tank Chanticleer, aka pretty purple diamond, and look, he haz a frisbee!

Finally lets address the healing druid, pally, and shammy. So in this accurate reenactment, Jess' shammy Makawee and I are running out of mana while our holy pally Lorosia has a full mana bar. Thus, what Makawee and I are doing is what I believe should be added in the next patch. Other healers should be able to siphon mana from holy pallys. For reals.

So I think our raids have started pretty well, though there has not been a single healer drop in two weeks of raiding. FFS! In other guild news, we finally learned the seafood feast last night! Woot! As Nkm said, we pwned those fishies!


  1. I think the correct term would be the Conservative Republican of Tanks. Not a conservative republican tank. I am far from conservative and would not be caught dead in the Republican party. :)

    - Eregon

  2. I love my Baron mount...Positive thoughts, it's going to be there!

  3. @Eregon: Haha... ok, ok I edited the post.

    So to everyone else, Nikolai started calling Eregon the a conservative republican tank because he tanks conservatively. Its become somewhat of a joke though and we joke him about it because its far from the truth.

    @Darc: Yes, it will!

  4. Hmm, seems like I'm being downgraded to glorified battery here. I need that mana! It makes my unit frame look better.

  5. @Lorosia: You do realize that once you finally start getting healing plate dropping for you in heroics as opposed to tanking plate... your mana bar is going to be so long IT WILL EXTEND BEYOND YOUR UNIT FRAME. You're going to have to wrap it around the corner its going to be so freakin long.

  6. Are we still talking about Lo's mana bar?

  7. Heh, our first halfus 'kill' shot was a link of the two loot drops on either side of a box laeled, "Insert really cool kill shot here" with some stick figures. We totally forgot to take the kill shot...


    in fact, take a look...

    And our GL is a graphic artist, even... =)

  8. Grats on your kills :)

    I have to know, though, does your warlock horde his Dark Intent over the other DPS and take bribes for who gets the buff?!

  9. Hah, no, he doesnt, but last night he gave it to the mage instead of me and crying didn't help! :) What's a druid gotta do?? :)