Tuesday, February 8, 2011

That's some serious customer support

So I just posted here, but then I came across this gem that I couldn't resist posting for the second time today. The earlier post is more for my guildies anyway, so some humor for everyone else.

WoW customer support is apparently for more than just WoW related issues:

It makes me wonder if WoW Customer support is just as good at philosophy as they are at calculus. I'm tempted to put in a ticket asking them about the meaning of life or the secret to happiness or something.


  1. I love submitting random semi-related bugs to them. I tried posting a few bugs on the forums, but they tend to get ignored or mislabeled which just upsets me, and this requires a lot less work. I've not gotten many interesting responses, but I also don't submit blatantly unrelated things like that. I have however gotten things just plain wrong :(

    For real issues I've had I love when I get RP GMs, omg they are amazing! This one time in Dal next to the fruit vendor I had one pretend to be a lil sapling sprouting out of the ground and it just seemed surreal because of where I was standing. /swoon

  2. You should ask them about god's final message to his creation

  3. I have no idea if the question was even answered correctly, but I am in awe nonetheless.