Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back to raiding

Last week was our first real week back at raiding due to losing half of our raiding team from Wrath and recruiting new members. In a way, it felt like going back to school after a long summer vacation. I think the biggest difference for me from going from 5 mans to 10 mans is learning not to "save" anything for the end, i.e. tree form, trinkets, and innervates. Pop em early so you can get as many uses in within the attempt!

Here's our first kill shot of the expansion:

Look how cute our gnome couple, Buns and Nkm, as well as our new dwarf couple (first dwarves we've ever had in this guild) Lorosia and Chanticleer look! On Magmaw we had our hunter Kal kite and kill all of the worms by himself, for which we gave him a temporary reprieve on getting crap from the guild, as hunters should in any guild (the crap, not the reprieve).

One of the changes we've instituted this expansion is going down to two raid nights a week. I do think that with the two nights, we are trying to use the time more efficiently. People showed up much earlier than they used to, and we even pulled one night before the scheduled time! Though I still think there is opportunity to tighten up our raid time, we've gotten a lot better.

Oh, so another momentous event in our raid week. We had our first couple of epic BOEs drop off trash! Oh my freakin' goodness. One of them was useful to someone, and the other one I have posted on the AH. The last time I sold an epic BOE was Ulduar. Ulduar FFS! Epic BOEs dropping again in 10 mans? I feel a little empty now that I'm going to have to cross this off from my rant list.