Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Using WOW as a bet

My guildie Nio is a big Minnesota Twins fan. Knowing this, I have been pulling for the Chicago White Sox whenever they play. Its not that I'm a baseball or White Sox fan at all (though I must admit that as a Chicagoan it is nice to see the Cubs and Sox in the post season). I've only been pulling for the Sox to irritate Nio.

So when the Twins and Sox played last night in a one game playoff to win the division, a friendly little wager was placed. At first Nio suggested wagering 100g. Hmmm... 100g doesn't really mean much for anyone anymore does it? Then Nio said ok... loser must follow the winner around for one night on WOW, doing everything that the winner does. If the Twins won and Nio won the bet, there probably would have been a lot of hanging out in Nagrand involved for K... and I'm sure my ass would have been sore at the end of the night from excess rock sitting.

Well, Chicago won. So now, what to do, what to do. Maybe I'll start out with a little mote farming up on the Elemental Plateau, followed up by a little fishing and herbing, and wrap up with a little heroic instance run. Hmmm choices, choices... (strums fingers evily).


  1. A whole night of fishing . . . now THAT would be fun. (For you. Probably not for him.)

  2. Old school rep farming (Timbermaw, Cenarion, Argent Dawn etc).

    Solo it's boring as bat droppings, and slow to boot...

    But with 2 of you, it will only be 1/2 has boring and 1/2 as slow.

    And you can probably farm some instances for the rep too.

    (And it will feel like punishment...)