Thursday, October 9, 2008

Taking this tank-healer relationship to the next level

I've known and played with Jess on this little game for about a year and a half now. Over that time Jess has become a very good friend, and we know a scary amount of information about each other. In fact I've had a couple of guildies assume that Jess and I must know each other in RL, which we don't.

Well I thought it was about time that we take this tank-healer relationship to the next level. I mean, I felt that I had a right to know whose tank ass I'm healing here (not that it would affect the green swirlies being sent Jess' way, well maybes...). Plus I wanted to share some pictures from some trips that I've talked a lot about with Jess. Thus, I proposed that I would share these pictures, which would include pics of me of course. I asked Jess, "Do you think you can handle it"? To which Jess philosophically surmised as only a warrior can, "I suppose I can deal".

It felt like it did when we first started using voice, kinda new... kinda strange. Jess' first comment to me was "Your hair isn't blue". And my first thought was 'You don't have a white ponytail'. It was definitely weird, but pretty cool finally knowing what someone you've known as long and as well as we have looks like, and how it may compare to some mental image you've held in your mind. How about you all? Have any of you shared your real life gear with someone in game? Reactions?

Anyways, now this thing with Jess seems kind of normal, and I feel like I'm sort of past it. Or I have other things on my WOW mind, like patch 3.0 hitting on Tuesday. :)


  1. Aetherial Circle gots a thread on the guild forum where ya cans upload a photo of yer RL avatar, and I did that a while back. Then, last month, we had a get together weekend, with bbq and Cay falling in the lake and whatnots. It were great funs.

    And next month, I's gonna get a chance ta meets the RL avatar of someones I met first through blogging. Even though we's mostly on different servers, we's gotten to be real good friends, so I's most excited about this.

  2. K...I'm a little bummed you haven't asked me to send you my pic yet.....hard to believe you would pass up an opportunity to see an exact replica of Rodney Dangerfield.....:)