Monday, October 20, 2008

Post Patch 3.0

A number of things to talk about post patch:

1. New talents:
Well originally I had picked up the Living Seed talent, but after one night of raiding with it, I found that it didn't proc enough at this point to justify those points. Maybe I'll pick it back up later on, but for now I dropped it. I do really like the new Wild Growth spell however! I am using it a lot. From a night in ZA, my top healing spell was still Lifebloom (34.2%) followed by Rejuvenation (32.3%) and Wild Growth (22.8%). Oh and the honor of my first ever Revive went to Atania. :)

2. Group buffs:
A big yay for buffs being shared raid wide now! Now I don't have to bring as many Wild Quilvines as before. Plus its nice that we don't have to configure raid groups to make the best use of group makeups, but that the buffs just count for all 10 members now.

3. Where is my mana?:
A big boo to the stupid rule where you can only take one mana pot during a boss fight. I had become accustomed to timing out the use of pots plus my innervate very precisely so as to never really run out of mana. Now even without the stupid mana pot rule, I feel like I'm burning through my mana much faster than pre patch 3.0. I spoke to another healing priest and pally who observed the same thing.

4. Ridiculous nerf part 1:
So Kara post patch.... it was pretty ridiculous. However we were able to finally do a full Kara clear and take down Netherspite. It had been a long time since we even tried Netherspite since we took some breaks from raiding and then started ZA. Anyways, here we are with Netherspite after we told him where to shove his crazy beams.

5. Ridiculous nerf part 2:
Ok, so ZA post patch? Ridiculous x 2. Our first night we did our first clear of ZA ever with not a single wipe during any of the bosses (we had one silly wipe on trash). This was particularly crazy considering that we had never even seen bosses 4-6 before. We did the last boss Zul'jin without our top dpser who got stuck outside the flame wall (oops). What was particularly nice about this night was that every single drop was a useable drop or upgrade for someone in the group. Nothing was disenchanted!

Because it was such a profitable night this first time, we went back to ZA for a second clear. This time we wanted to make sure we made the entire timed event (first night we only got the first two timed chest rewards). This time we got the first three timed chest rewards, but failed to make the fourth. Though I guess it doesn't really matter now since the fourth timed chest reward is the same as the third since they got rid of the Amani War Bear mounts.

Anyways, some pics... hopefully my instance screenshoting skills are increasing...

Apparently patch 3.0 did not fix the crooked shield issue...


  1. I'm going into ZA tomorrow night (I think as a healer, though I need to confirm that with our GL). We as a guild have only ever downed The Bear (though several of our members got farther with previous guilds before we all joined up), and had an almost successful attempt on the Eagle Boss just before the patch hit.

    I'm a little nervous to test out my healing skills in ZA (we ran Kara last week but I went on my shadow priest), but glad to hear you guys were so successful. It gives me hope! =)

  2. GRATZ on your ZA clear!

    I agree with the ZA fun and it's so nice to see all gear get used.

    I rerolled a prot pally recently, hit 70 this past Friday with my girlfriend (resto shaman reroll). We've been doing heroics and I've about 11k health unbuffed and 490 defense (uncrittable), ~14k armor... decent beginning KARA stats for back in the day.

    We pugged a ZA last night with me leading it. I had only ever ran with 3 others in the group before.

    At least 2 people had never been inside ZA before, and another 3-4 hadn't seen multiple bosses in there.

    We wiped once on Hex Lord and that was it. I MT'd the instance even though we had a prot warrior with 16k health buffed in the group (mine was 14.5k buffed).

    It's just a really good feeling to go into an instance with a group of people (whether they're friends or just strangers) and have people get new gear, be proud that they were a part of something good, and see and experience new things.

    Grats to the Left Claw on success!

  3. Actually we tanks have decided that that is now the cool way to carry one's shield. It's like carrying your backpack by only one shoulder strap.

  4. @Nasirah: Im sure you guys will do just fine! Though I'm wondering if you guys got to go given BBB's slight reading comprehension confusion?

    @Protectorate: Congrats on your clear as well! It was funny because for a minute there in ZA, while we were trying to get through the timed event, I felt like a serious raider. Then the feeling passed once the timer ran out and we could go back to being our silly selves.

    @Jess: No back problems with carrying a shield all lopsided? Chiropractor on speed dial maybes?

  5. Indeed. The problem isn't so much the shield as it is the damn sword. You'd think that a one-hander with that speed would be a touch smaller and lighter.