Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend update

Lots to update on!

1. We ran BRK's gnaked gnome race on Saturday. Check out my pics:

Kimchee survived the run. And let me just say, gnomes have some cute bottoms! Look at her shaking hers.

2. So my alchemy specialization is transmute mastery. It seems lately that I have been getting more discoveries and double transmutes than before. Is it just me?

3. Make sure you have your pve gear on when you're doing pve. We ran Wut through SV, and I didn't realize until we were done that I had my pvp trinket on! Oops. Fortunately it didn't matter.

4. Herbalists + Dead Mire = Major Win. I've mentioned this before, but I love flying around the Dead Mire in Zanga to herb all the bog lord bodies others killed. I guess this is how skinners feel in Nagrand.

5. Is the tide turning in AV? So it used to be that alliance would win most of the AV runs I was in. However, there has been a nasty trend lately. Probably a combination of Horde turtling or Alliance folk not fighting at flags or capturing graveyards has led to a lot of AV losses for me. :( I ran 8 AVs before I finally won one. The only good thing about turtles though is that I get to see nice numbers below. I did finally get enough honor to update my boots, updated healing gear and stats post coming soon.

6. We finally got keyed for Kara. Black Morass wasn't so bad once we figured out what was going on. I definitely think our off tank Wutan worked the hardest, gathering all the adds before they could get to the NPC. The last boss also dropped the Handgrips of Assassination for our happy and lucky rogue Atania. She now has 3 pieces of the set, and every single piece dropped for her our first time in that instance!


  1. Uh, weren't you wearing your fishing boots in SV the other night too? Perhaps we need to have inspections before running instances/raids from now on.

  2. No I wasnt... just the pvp trinket. But yes, I have healed in my fishing boots before... but that was a long time ago! ;)

  3. Black Morass is one of my favorite instances... but quite frustrating your first time in, when you don't know what's going on. Gratz on the Kara key!

  4. Hey, I were just behind you for a bit at the start of the race! (I can see the first half of me name in yer 2nd pic) But I had names turned off fer better picture taking, so I didn't know it at the time.

    Big grats to you and The Left Claw on getting yer Kara keys. Best of lucks with your future adventures there!