Friday, February 15, 2008

One year ago...

I started playing this crazy game. I was asked the other day how I started. Yes, I had played games online before, but more of the tame (or lame) puzzle variety. Before that, the last game I played before WOW was probably Nintendo back in the late 80s! I can't even remember now where I had heard of this game before. I do distinctly remember buying the game at a Best Buy and feeling kind of odd as one guy working there pointed me out to one of his coworkers.

But I started playing because I needed something to occupy my time, as I was in a very long distance (as in passport required for visits) relationship. It's kind of crazy to think back to why I started playing... as I would definitely say that having the game to focus on as well as the support of friends I made in game kept me from losing my mind when that relationship came to a necessary end.

So that's how I started... why do I stay? Well I do think that Blizzard does a great job of making WOW be many different things to different players. Not everyone has to raid. I've definitely entertained myself with battlegrounds and making money in addition to seeing new instances. I guess I stay also because I do want to see new things in game, and hopefully K will get her ass in Kara soon. But ultimately I stay because of the social aspect of the friends I made in game. Its really crazy to think how close you can get to people you meet in game. I mean they're your friends, but you've never really met them. Without them, I'd be just a crazy blue haired nightelf running around... and I don't think I'd still be around one year later.


  1. Happy birthday K. We're glad you stayed.

  2. Reason of staying is described perfect! Same here. Didnt play for half a year, cause needed to prepare and defend 2 theses and find job after that, also was going to live with my girl... now all achieved and i returned to my friends in WoW. Im even glad, that i deleted all items i had on my ddear droo, cause now i kinda started from the very start, but at lvl 70...)
    Thanks for nice written posts anyway.
    Yours, Nebesa of DMF.