Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How you know it's going bad...

...when you see K cast regrowth.

Over the weekend we ran Mechanar, Botanica, and Arcatraz. Now in Botanica, it was our pally Wutan, Jess, and I and then we picked up a fury warrior (in epics... but all pvp gear) and a feral druid. Yeah, a full strike force. No ranged dps. The warrior was quite impatient and would run into mobs on his own, or not wait for Jess to get aggro.

Jess was saying she could tell that things were quite crazy on my end, because my heals were all over the place. Typically I'll cast a rejuvenation and keep up a 3 stack of lifebloom on Jess. Then I just throw around some rejuvenations on the others as needed. Well in Botanica, I had to bust out the regrowth, which I hardly ever use.

Oh and let me just say, that last boss in Botanica... what a sad fight for us resto druids, taking down the big tree boss! When we took down the boss, those tree adds he summons were still around and on me. I asked the others to take down the trees, which actually look just liked me in tree form! I think for a second the group couldn't tell the difference between me and the adds.

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  1. That is a painful fight. I'll admit to being slightly amused when I sent my treants after his, but it's still sad. I also didn't like running around as a Moonkin killing all of those Owlbeasts in Winterspring and the Hinterlands. A little too close to home. :-D