Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And you wonder why I have a thing against Pallys*

I share with you today reason #672 why Paladins are complete bullshit.

Their crusader aura no longer stacks to the rest of us! Watching all the little pink dots run ahead of me in BGs makes me grrr.

Exhibit A:

K (in an AV with 3 guild pallys): What, crusader aura no longer applies to the rest of us?
Lorosia: Nope, ha ha.
K: I hate you pallys! So selfish! And yet I share with you my Mark of the Wild! I should be able to take away my buff from just the pallys.
Lorosia: That would really be painful because its not as if we have the same buff.


You guys might think that my reason #673 might be the current iteration of Holy Shock, but for some strange reason I find it amusing. It's kind of fun running bgs with two holy pallys and watching them do more dmg than half decent dps. I told them to enjoy it while it lasts since there has to be a nerf incoming.

*Disclaimer: My 'thing' against Paladins only applies to Paladins in my guild. I'm perfectly fine with Paladins outside my guild. I read several pally blogs that I love. But the pallys in my guild are just so good at ruffling my leaves. Oh and this 'thing' also applies to folks in my guild who used to have Paladin mains (/eyes Nico).

Additional Note: I just realized that today is the five year anniversary of this blog. Yep, my first post was on 9/4/07. I find it incredibly amusing that my five year anniversary post ended up being a post lamenting paladins. It's like it was fate!


  1. No, but you tolerate me now because I share my Mana Tide Totem with you.

    That being said, something HAS to be done about Holy Shock and Denounce. It got to the point in our BG's where I would come in 2nd or 3rd in both healing and damage done. I also hear they are absolute murder in low level BG's too. I like the idea of leveling in a Holy spec for paladins, but it is rediculous right now. I know you said to enjoy it, but all the same...

    But again. Watch out or I may get stingy with my totem.

  2. @Nico: Yeah somehow it doesn't bother me as much as Holy Radiance did back in the day. I tolerate Holy Shock right now because I tend to pvp with holy pallys?

  3. I was also annoyed to see that Crusader Aura was no longer a group buff. What are we, death knights?

  4. Ah the sound of Nico's schoolgirl giggles whilst he holy shocks enemies in bgs is a joy to behold...er...hear anyway. Pallies are almost as complete crap as those durids always have been!

  5. Aw. Happy anniversary. If I was still blogging I'd feel guilty about forgetting to do a post for it.

  6. Hahaha, I had to laugh at the Lorosia exchange. :D The paladin abuse, it never ends!!

    Happy blogversary! It really is appropriate that it is about paladins. But hey, at least catform has built-in increased speed now!

  7. I like to imagine the Price is Right fail music playing there. I guess you'll need to make nice with a Pally with a 2 seater. That'd also fix your driving into trees, and mountains, and ...

  8. @Klep: Seriously.

    @Rades: I know! It's like it was meant to be.

    @Jess: It's always a win for me when I can guilt without even trying!

    @The Left Claw: It's a good thing we're in a guild that is so supportive of each other. /cue sarcasm.

  9. I am as supportive as I can be whilst peeling myself off of walls, posts and trying not to drown...and that was just the last time I let you drive me around wow...thank goodness we have increased bandage healing!

  10. One day I'm going to make you guys see what its like to run around on 7 framerates per second.

    Wait until I get a new computer! No running into things!

  11. That will save the poor wretch that decides that taking advantage of your stag form is a good idea for a ride.

    Nikolai: Um, K? We're headed right for the mobs in that pool of lava. Don't you thi...


    Oh, and K, your sarcasm is duly noted.

  12. It's not so great charging ahead of everyone else as a Holy Paladin. I mean, what am I going to do when I get there anyway, apart from be the first person attacked by all the waiting enemies? I think they should remove the 'pallies only' speed buff, it's just silly now. Nerf Dks too. It makes no sense for one class to be faster than another.