Friday, September 21, 2012

A bit of a sad panda and our chore wheel

I had been planning on taking a day off next week, along with probably "working from home" one other day. However I just found out yesterday that I need to fly out to my client on the east coast on Tuesday. It'll be a semi busy week, along with the following week, and I don't get back into town until late Friday night.

Boo. I had tentative plans in my head to try for realm first fisher the night of launch. I was also going to try to take advantage of the auction house madness via a couple of professions the first couple of days as well. So I am a bit of a sad panda, but hopefully I can sneak some time in the next two weeks. Oh well.

Oh I forgot! There is good news! I bit the bullet and waltzed into Apple last weekend to purchase a brand new shiny 15 inch Macbook Pro (non-retina though). Holy crap the game looks different! I think I was almost beginning to get motion sickness. However, I'm still a little concerned about how hot its running, even post all of the patch changes. Anyone else with a Macbook Pro still running hot?

Anyways the last things I need to do this weekend pre launch is finish the quests in Ashenvale, rearrange the first tab of the guild bank, and empty out my personal bags/bank. I'm wondering if I also need to create a chore wheel of sorts for the guild.

So my senior year in college one of my more on the ball roommates created a chore wheel for the house we shared. The wheel had the various chores with an arrow that we could either spin or move forward each week. The chore wheel lived on our refrigerator to remind us what we needed to do.

I'm thinking we may to do something similar for the planning of the feasts and flasks/cauldrons since they've become a lot more complicated. While I haven't figured out the exact details of what we need, the Left Claw Chore Wheel would look something like this:

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