Friday, April 6, 2012


Look! It's a tree in a tree! Tree^2!

I often end up with serious lag at the Darkmoon Faire, to the point that this where I ended up while doing the Cannonball daily one day.

Here I look a little freaked out (perhaps threatened by the foliage around me?), trying to find a way down:

I must say the background matched my PvP gear at the time pretty well:

These pics just made me realize that apparently the trees in Darkmoon are perpetually in a state of Fall/Autumn. So anyways Darkmoon Faire. Are you guys still doing it? I'm still at it trying to get the second mount, but the dedication to do it every day seems to have fallen off a bit within our guild. Perhaps it wouldn't be as bad if the damn daily quests weren't so annoying.

How is it that they designed them so that its nearly impossible to do them in one shot (besides the one where you throw the ring on the turtle)? I can do the whackamole in one shot about 50% of the time, the Tonk Commander less frequently, maybe 30%, and the Cannonball daily even less (see exhibit 1-3 to support this above). But I don't think I have never done the shooting daily in one shot. Grrr. So annoying.


  1. I am still doing them because I am one pet short of getting all of them. My wife has all of the pets and is now working on getting the Bear Mount.

    It wouldnt be so bad if the dailies gave you more than one damn award.

  2. The novelty for me has pretty much fallen off. I'm not a mount collector as much as I was (I've got well over a hundred now, and probably won't go tracking any more down unless the achievement gets boosted) and I hit my 150 pets sometime last week.

    I figure I'll continue turning in artifacts every month and buying things as they come, but I'd rather collect some of the old Dungeon Sets (already have Soulforge!) than more pets and mounts, and I can do that with collective effort of my characters.

  3. Yeah its kind of discouraging when you get only one award.

    I think I have two pets left to get, but the novelty has worn off since I also hit 150 a while back. I did also pick up the bear mount, and perhaps the only reason I'm still at it is to get the other mount to get the 100 mount achievement.

  4. I enjoy doing the one off ones with my alts.. level a few points in fishing and cooking every month.. and those pay better than the dailies. I also take my main fishing there. *shhh*

    I do not think the shooting is possible in one shot based on the timer and the slowness of the target respawns as well as the 2-shot limit.. maybe I am wrong.

  5. If you can get enough "Quick shot"s in, you can complete it in one go. I know I did many times.

    Winjin-Grim Batol