Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Patch Day

Something to amuse you while you wait for the patch to drop:

Hahaha, that cracks me up every time. Last night, I had to make sure I got one last screenshot of K in voluntary and permanent tree form. /cry

Remember, for all tree 4.0 stuffs, go read Keeva's 4.0 guide.


  1. Alas, now you will be sen as a night elf female whose arms go the wrong way when you run...and we can no longer watch you eat as a tree - which looks strangely like you are yakking into your tree-ish hand (sigh)

    On the bright side, I am first in line to buy glyphs!!

  2. Its a brave new world chin up :). Look like im still healing for Cata so better get my key binds sorted out again.


  3. Aw. Yer always gonna be a big grunting walking do-the-twisting piece of deciduosity ta me.

  4. Tree form lives on in our hearts :(