Friday, September 14, 2007

Two sets of healing gear?

I have heard that some healers carry around two sets of healing gear. One that maximizes their mana for those longer fights and another that maximizes +healing for those shorter fights with bursts of high damage.

The thought of having to account for another set or half set of gear isn't too pleasant, but I can see its purpose. I'm just curious, anyone doing this?


  1. K, check out (if you haven't done so) Ego's post on Climbing the Mountain. While she doesn't come right out and say it (IIRC), she hints at the idea of having at least a few swappable pieces. I'm not at that point myself, but when I get my Primal Mooncloth Robe in a week or two, I'll be banking my current robe--just in case.

    I do know our resto druid keeps two sets of gear in her bags--just in case she's not needed for healing, she can pretend she's feral and do a bit of DPSing. But in her feral gear, I'm not sure she can heal a hamster. :D

  2. I carry two sets of gear with me, one for PvE heaing (high MP5 and Healing) and one for PvP healing (high Stamina/Resilience and slightly shabbier Heal stats with very little Spirit).

    I think you should have a few pieces that you can swap in and out. Like the Bangle of Endless Blessings and a high Spirit staff for any fight where you expect to need to Innervate. Trinkets are a great way to provide an extra burst of +Healing, as well. I don't think it's necessary to carry around two entirely different sets of gear. Although I have quite a bit of replaced Healing gear gathering dust in my bank ... just in case. ;-)

  3. My main set of gear, is my PvE healing. I try to get as much +Healing and Mana, etc, in one set as possible. I have yet to come across a problem with it.

    The only other set I have for healing is Arena's/Battlegrounds so I don't get one shotted (We all know healers die first!) that I like to keep things like Phaelia posted a while ago on her blog at Resto4life.

  4. I usually always have two sets of weapons and an extra chest piece for just in case.
    By the way K, ground is the past tense of grind.