Saturday, September 8, 2007

Vanity pets

How many of you have vanity pets? I have a sprite darter hatching from a quest reward, but I'm not really attached to it and he or she stays in the bank.

On the other hand, my guidie Molk is quite close with his rat pet Whiskers. Wherever Molk goes, Whiskers isn't far behind... even when Molk is running on his mount. That's one fast rat, I tell you! Molk jokes that I like Whiskers better than I like him... which isn't true at all! Whiskers runs away when we get mobbed, but she is super cute.

So did you know there are 73 possible vanity pets in the game? Here is the complete list from Warcraft pets and the ten highest rated pets. The #1 rated pet is the firefly, which drops from Bogflare Needlers in Zangarmarsh. When I was questing and fishing in Zangarmarsh, I would kill a couple of Bogflare Needlers every once in a while... hoping one dropped. But I guess it needs more dedicated effort. People spend days grinding on these needlers for the elusive and very rare drop.

Here's my final question around vanity pets. So on the complete list, we see everything from Speedy the turtle, the Panda Cub, Peanut the elephant to Mr. Wiggles the pig. There are seven types of feline vanity pets. But where, I ask are the dogs?!?! Any other dog people here wondering the same thing? What, are the Blizzard developers just all cat people?


  1. Well...

    There's a Brown Praerie Dog! =D

    Speedy and Willie are my favorites ^_^

  2. Yeah, the prairie dog is cute... but come on where are the golden retrievers, dalmatians, the german shepards? I mean can you even imagine seeing a little dachshund run around with you? :)

  3. Haha, not really. I'm more fond of having a turtle or a bird follow me around. But a dog would be funny; especially if it sits down or plays fetch or something ^_^

  4. You can get a Worg pup in BRS by doing Kibler's Exoctic Pets quest. He is the only canine pet in game, but I do wish there were more.