Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Is it "grinded" or "ground"?

The other night I spent some time grinding rep with Sporeggar in Zangarmarsh. What is the past tense of grinding anyways? Grinded? Ground? Both sound wrong to me... Any grammar teachers here?

Anyways, the reason I want to get my rep with Sporeggar to revered is because of the Transmute Primal Earth to Water recipe they sell. Take something selling for 3g and transmute it into something selling for 18g? Yes, please!

You can gain rep in Sporeggar by a couple of repeatable quests or by running Underbog to turn in Sanguine Hibiscuses. Now some repeat quest options were not available to me since I was already honored. I chose to grind for 10 fertile spores (+750 rep, drops from spore bats and marsh walkers) and to alternatively kill bog lords that give +15 rep per kill. Killing bog lords as an herbalist is a good option since you can pick up some extra herbs from them. Also, it was a good place to grind as there were some others around who were not herbalists. I was able to sort of "ninja-loot" herbs off their kills. Yay. Oh and this is a good place to grind for motes of life too.

But those bog lords... do they not die the most funny, dramatic, slow-mo movie death ever? What drama llamas. :)

Finally, a funny noob story from back when I think I was in the high 50's. So I'm trying to turn in more netherweave and runecloth in Darnassus to get more rep. I realize though that I'm not getting any more rep! I ask in guild chat why this may be happening. They ask where my rep is now. I say "Its exalted 999/1000". To which I'm told, "Uh, K that's it... you can't get any more rep". Oops! I guess I wanted to be super duper extra exalted.

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