Tuesday, September 11, 2007

When to buy? When to sell?

Is there a day that you think is the best day of the week to shop the Auction House? Similarly do you think there a best day of the week to sell?

On Drenden, it seems that I sell my stuff best on Mondays and sometimes Tuesdays. Is Monday night a big raid night? I would have thought that I'd sell best over the weekend, when maybe more people are able to play. But perhaps there is more competition due to more sellers on the weekends? Or do people play more over the week and spend time with family on weekends? I'm curious, what do you find on your server?

Also, anyone else having a hard time selling Outland green drops? I guess with the good quest rewards plus instance drops, people really don't need to buy gear pre level 70?


  1. I wish I knew of a pattern on my server. Maybe I should start tracking my sales.

  2. While we can sell stuff on weekends just fine, prices are lower (Kul Tiras-A), because of all the sellers. Monday is okay; Tuesday - Wednesday seem to be the best, and Thursday is okay as well.

    I know on Tuesday, I can buy stuff (e.g., Netherweave Cloth) for my tailor-leveling (370/375!) priest a lot cheaper than on the weekend or even on Monday.