Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend update and you readers

The first half of the weekend was spent doing some mad questing. Jess and I knocked out a lot together and took some guildies through Underbog. I dinged 67, Jess 68, and Molk 70! It was funny in Underbog (which I have to say is an awesome instance for herbalists, even better if you're the only herbalist in the group because there are herbs everywhere!) because the first two drops were mail, which no one in our group could use. I hate when that happens! It was then that I realized that I needed to send up a prayer to the WOW gods of loot drops. It went a little something like this:

Dear merciful gods of WOW loot drop,

Please stop dropping all this mail. Unfortunately, no one in our group can use it. If you could consider our group composition and drop plate, leather, or healing gear, we would greatly appreciate it.

Sincerely, K

Now wouldn't you know after I sent up this prayer, the last two drops were plate upgrades for Jess! So if you're having bad lucks with drops, try sending up a similar prayer or an offering. :)

After we finished the last boss, I was trying to get a group picture. I felt like a mom at Disney trying to get all her kids to sit still and listen to her. "Ok Jess, to the right, Molk step up... no not that much, D to your left... D please turn around and stand up... ok smile!" But by the time we were all set, the boss disappeared! /sigh

Second half of the weekend, K was a little tired of questing and instancing. I definitely go through spurts. The quests in each zone in the Outlands seems to be never ending! Just when you think you're done, they have another quest to give you. At times I get pretty dedicated and bust out a lot at one time, then take a break for a while. What do I do when I'm on a break? There's K calmly fishing in a beautiful landscape.

Ok, a final note about this blog I started less than a week ago. I'm blown away by the number of readers and where you all are from across the US and all over the world. My conclusion is that WOW players are super smart and between all of us we should be able to solve difficult questions like world hunger! Seriously though, I feel a little pressure to say something insightful or helpful instead of just being silly. Hmmmm....

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