Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Funny bugs

I'm always amused when I run across bugs in game. Like wolves or bears just jumping up and down on the side of some hill. Or the other night when Jessika started attacking something that was invisible and non-targetable to Molkster and I. It was pretty funny watching Jess go all crazy, whirling and fighting the all too dangerous foe of... air.

But even funnier last week was when we were doing a guild run in Ramparts. We were in one of those corridors when Atania got thrown back by one of the mobs. Ok, it happens. But she got thrown back behind these two barrels and couldn't get out! (What are those barrels doing there anyways). Look at Jess laughing hysterically. Unlike Jess, K was trying to make sure Atania was ok. Well, yeah after a suppressed giggle she was...

Atania tried jumping, mounting, all to no avail. We weren't sure what to do until Atania came up with a good idea. The rest of us would stand back while our rogue Molk would go aggro the mob, bring them back to Atania, and then vanish. Yes, leaving Atania as helpless as a sacrificial lamb. K had to close her eyes... it was too sad to watch. But it did the trick and Atania was able to run back and join us!


  1. ROFL! Funniest thing ever (except maybe our little incident with D in the Cathedral in the Scarlet Monastery, but I'll leave that for K to discuss in another entry).

  2. I know! I wish I had a screenshot from SM....

  3. I'm sure you'll see it again. Prolly not for awhile but I'm sure you'll see it again lol.