Monday, September 17, 2007

Alchemy advice

So K hit 68 over the weekend, which was very exciting as a druid. When I swooped down on Jess for the first time in Nagrand, I think she thought I was one of those windrocs. I do think flight should come with some instructions! I couldn't figure out how to elevate, and I kept crashing.

Is anyone else an alchemist? Now that I'm 68 I have to choose a specialization. I can't decide if I want to be a master of transmutes or elixirs. Hmmm... any advice?


  1. I'd suggest transmutes, for no other reason than Elixirs requires you to complete the level 70 5-man Botanica instance, and Flasks requires a Caverns of Time instance. Both are very challenging; in fact, impossible for undergeared level 70s (such as our guild--we've tried to do both for a couple of our alchies).

    In any event...congrats on 68, and good luck in whichever alchemist path you take!

  2. Thanks Kestrel! I definitely want to start taking advantage of the mastery so I will pick transmutes.

  3. i'd go with transmutes purely for the economical aspect of the 2.

  4. I hope this isn't too late. I went with Elixirs and I've been really happy with the outcome. I regularly raid Karazhan, and being an alchemist, i'm constantly churning out elixirs for myself and a few other members. By the way, to 5-man instance requirement for Elixir Mastery involves Black Morass. It only takes 2 runs, and as a healer you should have no trouble finding a pick up group or going with guildies.

    Good luck!

  5. I suggest that you start with Transmute as "d" said cause of the economical aspect.
    And when you feel you have a "good" economy after gathered the 5000g for your epicflying then you can respec.

    Ftm I am the only Potmaster in my guild and it makes me busy when we go raiding. On the other hand I cant proc on Flasks and that is a bit sad.

  6. Thanks everyone for your advice! I did decide to go transmutes for now until I am geared enough to do Botanica and Caverns of Time. Then I will probably pay the 150g to unlearn transmutes and take up elixirs.

    Last night I got an extra Earthstorm Diamond, which was nice. Hopefully I will make enough money with the transmute mastery by then!