Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How could raid bosses incorporate new ways of healing?

Another look into some snippets of a vent/guild/email chat convo in our guild from the last couple of days:

Chanti: "K needs to really follow Jess around (on Nef phase 3) instead of just saying she will and not really doing it."
K: "..."
Jess: "Yeah she needs to follow 5 steps behind like a good little WoW wife."
Nkm: "Do you want her barefoot and pregnant too Jess?"
K: "Um, we all know that I'm not a good follower, especially when I have to follow Jess around."
K: (After having referenced a RL example of where I told Jess to do something)... "This is why Jess should really follow ME around on Nef phase 3 instead of the other way around."

Yeah, following Jess around in game is funny because in RL or in other aspects of our in game relationship, its not really that way. At all. So maybe I should at least give him that rare honor in raids. Mmmmm.

But beyond the fact that following Jess is not easy for me (but ok yes, I'll do it next time), this brought up another thought. Why are healers always following tanks? Why can't there be boss fight mechanics where everyone follows the healer? Is that really such a crazy idea?

I wish Blizz would introduce more boss mechanics where its not just the same old, same old, where tanks tank something, everyone follows behind, dps dps stuff, healers heal, and everyone stands out of the bad. This is why Valithria Dreamwalker was such an awesome and novel fight for us healers. I want more of these sort of bosses where healing is incorporated into the boss strats in new ways.

So what would boss mechanics look like with new concepts of healing? Well, it doesn't have to be as crazy or extreme as everyone really following the healer (which yes, would be awesome). But how about some sort of twist on Anzu's mechanics? Remember how Anzu has those 3 statues, where if you put a hot on them, you got different effects to the group? How about some sort of similar concept on a new boss?

Similar to how raids choose which drakes to release (and the release order) on Halfus, raids would choose which statues or whatever to heal and in what order to get the appropriate effects as it makes most sense for their raid composition. And maybe as the healers are running around to heal the statues or whatever in whatever order the raid decides, the TANKS have to follow them! Ooh! Ooh! A healer can dream, can't she? :)

Any other thoughts on new ways of healing in raids?


  1. Maybe healers and tanks should be merged into one concept, a single protector/guardian class. Prevent wounds and if you fail, heal them. This could help with the eternal problem of healers being the problem-fixers while everyone else is the problem-causer. Imagine, tanks responsible for themselves.

    This would be absurdly overpowered in PvP.

  2. Wait for Baleroc. It's the unusual healing fight this tier. It's healing rotations where the healers have to rotate between the tanks and the raid. Very different from normal, I found. Also some crazy healing required at certain points.

  3. For Nef phase 3, I never followed the tank around. I got in front of him. It made it a lot easier because he was moving toward me when I had a cast time, instead of moving away from me and making me have to catch up.

    Good argument for having the tank follow the healer. ;)

  4. Well, we have to be realistic here. If she was pregnant she'd probably not be able to keep up.

  5. Depends.. if she were pregnant and you had craved foods in your pockets.. she'd catch up. Trust me :P

  6. I hope we never get a fight like that! I hate leading, that's why I never got tanking. If I had to lead anything I'd a. get lost; b. go moonkin. Brrrr.

  7. ::falling over in laughter at jess' comment:: Um, I think your helm is about to be dented by a tree limb... =)

  8. @Klep: Hmmm interesting. I'll have to noodle on that a bit more. On a total side note, are you moving to Madison or something? Are you leaving Chicago?

    @Rohan: Oh Baleroc is the different healing fight? I'll have to go read up on what that is like. Thx for heads up.

    @Anachan: I like how you think!!!!

    @Jess: /sigh. Only reason I'd be barefoot is cuz I threw my shoes at your head.

    @Issy: :)

    @Jen: Hmmm I like the idea of leading something and having everyone else follow us! We are the metaphorical leaders anyways. ;)

    @Kayeri: You see what I have to deal with?!?!

  9. I like leading... from behind everyone. The idea of having to actually lead anything makes me want to log off and go watch a movie... I definitely don't have the personality to pull that off.

    (I hated Valithria too because I felt the pressure was too much on the healers... well, and because I utterly failed at hitting the bloody clouds.)

  10. This fall I'm going up to Madison for grad school. I'm sure it won't be forever; most of my family is in Chicago, not that Madison is so far away anyway.