Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Maybe I should try to be nicer?

I've had a couple of conversations lately where it has been brought up to me that I can be kind of intimidating for people who don't know me really well. Mmmm. It's something that I have known before (in RL and in game). Maybe if I know it so well, I should try to be nicer or less opinionated or less bossy.

So I try to be nicer, but then pvp ruins that. Quick pvp side rant. If you're afraid of dying, don't step into BGs FFS. I hate seeing folks so afraid of dying (because there is such a huge penalty for dying in game, right? /sarcasm) that they just all stand around defending the one base or tower we have. Anyways... back to subject.

This morning I got an anonymous comment on a blog post, and again it makes me not really want to be nicer:

Useless, egocentric view.. Poor kid.
He checked out the guild, the stance you take is a group mentality one. Its we.. Us.. no wonder..

When you recruit people, you make sure and tell them what they can and cant expect.. I guess no efforts were made to welcome this member.
Cold.. your very cold. This calls for empathy, but I guess you dont need that, you and your crew, for as long as you have each other haha

It's difficult to take anyone seriously who doesn't know the difference between your and you're. But yes anonymous guy from Copenhagen (statcounter FTW), if you haven't read this blog before, you've missed the part where we are a bunch of cold bitches.

Seriously the troll comment doesn't really bother me, but I do care about the people I do know in game. I wonder how much of the intimidation is what I actually do vs being in a position of leadership. Perhaps the position of leadership brings with it some automatic intimidation factor? Though yes, Jess has a leadership position but is probably perceived differently (i.e. nicer). Ok, ok I'll try to be less intimidating. Nicer even. /gasp

The thing is that the folks who have met me at either Clawcon last summer well know that I have a very different demeanor in person than I do in game. I was explaining this to Lorosia the other night... that in person I am much more laid back and tend to observe more. I'm not the one always talking or giving an opinion or bossing people around. I mean I still have my opinions and thoughts, I'm just not as aggressive with them.

I really think that I crafted this in game/guild persona as an alter ego of sorts to how I am in real life. The anonymity of the game allowed me to kind of explore this other side of me. So I'm curious whether Nkm or Chanti will agree (that I'm different in RL) once they meet me for the first time at this summer's Clawcon, which is only three weeks away in Port Townsend! /squee and /mindboggle!

This summer's Clawcon will also allow us to meet up with two past guildies, Wut and Rap, which will be nice. I'm also going to be in the area again the week after Clawcon to interview with a firm in Seattle. I'll be able to meet up with Beru during that trip, who I also met up with last summer.

I was telling my mom this weekend about my plans for Clawcon and to meet up with a fellow blogger again. She was like, "Aw, that's so nice you guys are doing that again." She doesn't quite understand WoW or the blogosphere, but she tries. She's so cute. But it's really crazy if you think about it... that the game and then the blog formed these relationships to where you are meeting these people multiple times in RL.

Final shout of the day goes to my Korean peeps in Pyeongchang for winning the 2018 Winter Olympics (after losing 2010 and 2014). Some of my Korean friends were joking that they should add Starcraft to the Winter Olympics in honor of the host country. Seriously after all this talk about Korean Starcraft players, I kind of feel like I should try playing it!

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