Monday, July 11, 2011

Triple specs and questing as a healer

Overheard at the Claw lately:

K: Doing the new dailies seems like work.
Jess: Mmmm... maybe because you're doing them in a healing spec?

I wish Blizz would allow us to have a third spec for people like myself, who may only have a healing pve spec and healing pvp spec. I know my dps isn't as bad as in the days when our gear had +healing on it. But I'm telling you, I am happy when my recount shows my dps hitting 3k while I'm questing. Don't laugh! Or even snicker!

No, but seriously, I have chosen to invest in healing both in pve and pvp. I think considering how long the game has been out, allowing folks to dabble in different parts of the game would help keep interest. So let me continue to raid, continue to question my sanity by chasing pvp achievements in battlegrounds, as well as pick up a dps spec or tanking spec or a third healing spec! I can't imagine that it'd be so hard for Blizz to just open up a third tab on our specs, would it?

This also gets me kind of irritated that so much of the WoW questing and achievement world is about killing things. Don't even get me started on how hard some of the pvp (and pve) achievements are to get if you are not dps. You should have seen me try to get the Flawless Victory achievement in my healing pvp spec. It was comical and took me several (long ass) tries, but I did it!

Anyways, I think there should be a rule. That if as a healer you end up healing yourself more than the mob that you are trying to kill has health, that the mob should just fall over dead. In respect... or in disbelief... or in laughter.

In a similar vein, it'd be nice if quests had alternate options for healers. Like the Firelands daily where you have to heal those druid good guys. Why do we healers have to use the little vial thing? Why can't we just really heal them? Why can't there be quests where you can choose to either kill something or save someone and get credit either way? Dps could choose to kill the bad guy and healers could choose to heal the good guy.

I just wish the concept of healing was integrated more into questing.


  1. Actually, we can just heal the good guys. I haven't used the vial thing yet. (The quest says you can use heals, bandages, or the salve or whatever it is he hands you.)

  2. Amen to that... I'm also resto PvE/resto PvP and unwilling to give either of those up. Doing the new Zandalari quests was a huge pain... but these dailies aren't so bad yet. Mostly because I can get help on the elites (just attack something already being killed by a DPS) and, well, I guess I learned to have patience for the rest. But every time I do I wish for a triple spec...

    As for the rest... I doubt healing quests will ever be implemented. This game is so much about killing stuff that I think it's not feasible. (And I got so pissed off doing that Twilight Highlands quest with the gryphons on a DPS char! You need to heal some of the birds - bandage, Gift of the Naaru, straight heals - and my mage couldn't do either...)

  3. @Anachan: Seriously?!?!? Did I just assume you had to use the vial? Is this another example of maybe I should learn to read more closely?

    I will definitely check this out tonight. Thanks!

    @Jen: Yeah luckily most of the early Molten Front quests aren't so bad because you get shared credit. But now that I'm in the second phase and trying to kill mobs in the underground cave, its not as easy.

    I've had some good luck in the cave lately as folks have grouped up with me. Most end up going "heals, lol" at me.

    But you're right, you definitely learn to be more patient when you're dps in a healing spec.

  4. Ugh, I'm not in the second phase yet... and I'm starting to think I don't want to be there either :/

  5. Why they never just did a 3rd *pvp spec* option, thus avoiding a tonne of the balancing issues, I'll never know :)

  6. It wouldn't be that hard to implement more healing quest options, though obviously they wouldn't do it for the whole game. But so many of the quests see you trying to do your thing in the middle of the good guys fighting the bad guys - why shouldn't you be able choose to heal the good NPCs instead of killing the bad ones?

  7. I think you can heal those burned dudes, yeah! I found that out by accident last night when I went to use the vial and accidentally used a bandage instead. To my surprise he popped up, good to go!

    I totally agree though - these dailies are the only reason my Priest has a Shadow spec, since I never Shadow in raids. If I didn't have to worry about getting these Tree marks, I could be PVP/PVE Disc, or Disc/Holy.

  8. Yes, you can absolutely just drop a rejuv on the burned guys and they'll be fine and it counts, I do it every day on Kayeri. :) I partner with the hubby to get the quests done on Kay, so she doesn't have to struggle through alone. :) My rogue, warlock, and paladin can manage on their own just fine.

  9. @Jen: Yeah... the quests in the second phase (I chose the druids) are not as easy as a healer as the first phase.

    @Issy: Very true!

    @Mittenz: Exactly!

    @Rades: How I didn't know you could heal them is beyond me. Reading fail.

    @Kayeri: Ok, so the evil healer in me is cackling inside. I really want to just run around and spam rejuvs to tag those guys and get them first before all the dps can get a hold of their vial.

    Is that mean or wrong of me? Or is it just payback for the fact that it takes us healers three times as long to kill and thus finish the other quests? Mean and vindictive healer is mean and vindictive. :p

  10. As a Disc priest, it's kind of awesome doing the healing quest as the Atonement/Evangelism spec automatically throws out heals with Smites/Holy Fire. I can kill and heal at the same time! ^^

  11. @BethE: Nice! I wish I could do the same!

    @All: So last night I ran around rejuv spamming the hurt druid guys. It was so fast and awesome!!! :)

  12. I just spam a single lifebloom on the wounded druids. It doesn't need to be much to get credit.

  13. It is simple to solve your problem as healer. I had the very same issue as resto druid while leveling. I did not like any other spec, and did not know anything about moonkin. How did I solve? Quest with others! In The PuG we quest together. Even though in this guild my main is a DPS it just goes faster. Having a healer provides less downtime, and more flexibility should we end in PvP combat. You can also eat a sandwich while healing: it is quite faceroll.

    I think you'd also do acceptable DPS in your PvP spec with PvE gear since you have free wrath and starfire procs. It'd go faster than your PvP gear or PvE spec which no offensive capabilities.

    I agree with your triple spec argument. My druid has resto PvE and feral PvE. I do BG and arena in my resto PvE spec with PvP gear. I know, not the best, and it hurts my offensive capability. I just hate to respec. It isn't the gold really. It is the fact I need to put effort into retalenting, reglyphing, and fixing my bars. And I'd have to do that a lot. No, thank you.

  14. @Anonymous: True, I group up when I can but its just not always feasible. And yes, when I do group up with them I do do other things while they dps stuff. :)

    And yes, I do dps in my pve gear with my pvp spec!