Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bunch of random stuff crammed into one post

ZOMG three posts in one week? What the hell. It's been a slower (thank God) work week than most. :) Makes up for fact that next week, at least the 3 days I'm working prior to Clawcon, is going to be insane. Anyways, a bunch of random thoughts crammed into one post.

1. The current drama in the blogosphere over the capping valor points issue. I have strong thoughts on this, specifically over the judgment being thrown around. But I'll say this. It's easy sometimes to forget the situation that other people are in, situations that affect their opinions.

So related to that, I'll say this. I sure as hell am glad that I am in a guild and raid that looks at me at more than just a number or the ilevel of my gear. If I was simply a dps or hps number and could be easily replaced with a higher number, then yeah, perhaps I would be more obsessed with capping valor points each week. But I'm more than just a number.

I raid with friends, in a long standing guild going on over 4 years now. While we can drive each other crazy at times, like any other family, we are still a family. And for all of this, I'm grateful.

I am going to try to catch up on doing some heroics this weekend though. During the week is really hard when I'm traveling as I tend to be at the client site for 10+ hours a day, then come "home" to the hotel pretty exhausted around 7 pm. This weekend I will also be trying to finish up the Master of Strands of the Ancients achievement by winning like 30 something more matches. Hopefully since its Strands weekend, it won't be too bad.

2. Rades tagged me in the Healer meme going around, which is funny because I don't feel like I'm a true healy blogger where I talk about healing mechanics and such, at least of any value. Anyways, I will do it, but I think the only way I can answer so many questions is if I can intersperse some snark and sarcasm throughout it.

3. Fellow gold enthusiasts, what addons are you currently using? I can't get auctioneer to work quite like it used to prior to 4.2. Specifically when I scan the current gems on the AH, it brings back the results in some crazy order that I can't use easily. Is everyone else still using Auctioneer? Are there some new addons I should be looking at?

4. The other week there was some talk about Google rebranding Blogger. More recent news is unclear whether this will really happen. I feel like I'm one of the very few still using blogger and a blogger domain. Anyways, we'll see what happens.

5. Clawcon 2011 starts next Thursday. In preparation for this, I made Chanti give me his RL name the other night. For most everyone I met for the first time last summer, I had a reference for RL names and faces from being Facebook friends. Though there was one guy I met at Clawcon Chicago last August who I didn't have any reference for. And it kind of freaked me out when I met him completely blind.

So I told Chanti I needed to wean myself into this, and asked for his name. He then asked whether there was anything else I needed, to which I told him that his name was enough for now. That I'd noodle on that, let it settle in while imagining what a guy named "X" would look like in my head, and get back to him.

6. Finally, today is Jess' RL birthday. I told him that as a birthday gift I would do everything he asked during tonight's raid without talking back or questioning anything. Or at least give it a good try. :)


  1. Yikes! I use blogger (we're not so few actually!) too and I had no idea about the potential re-brand! =O well I sure hope it won't affect our old links, urls, feeds and such?! /panic

    And good for you for being in such a guild. I could not see myself raiding in any different environment myself these days.

  2. I stopped using Auctioneer and am now using Auctionator. I hear Zero Auctions is pretty good as well.

  3. @Syl: Yeah. I hope they don't change any addresses because that would make a lot of people unhappy. But if they want to go under a unified Google brand, I don't know how they could not. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

    @Rokkon: So under aucionator... is there a way to scan what is currently listed by profession? And it'll show you what items you know that are not listed at all?

  4. I've only been able to keep up on WOW news sporadically, but there will be one benefit to me in regards to the Valor Points bit. It will let me gear up faster for when I return (which is very, very soon now). I am going to need lots of practice, though... seven months without so much as looking at Nico/Rey is a long time!