Friday, October 24, 2008

This zombie craziness and using it for another purpose

I am sure most of you have seen this zombie craziness going on right now. There I am in Nagrand the other day and this is what I come across:

Well when I realized that in zombie form, you can port from Shatt to the Horde capital cities, the little wheels in my head quickly started turning. The first thought in my head was, "Oh, could be an easy way to get to Orgrimmar to do the achievements related to fishing there!" So I tried that last night.

I went to Shatt, became infected, then waited to turn into a zombie. Then I ported from Shatt to Org. Now as soon as I ported, I was booted out and it took me a bit to log back on. When I was able to log back on, I had died! But the good thing is that the place where you port into in Org is a little hut area on top of water. Right below it there are a bunch of rocks and stuff where you can rez and easily hide. So that is what I did. From there I just cast a line and fished up one fish, getting the achievement to fish something in Stormwind and Org.

Well then I decided to try to stealth around in kitty form and check out the city and see what else I could do. I ended up going into Ragefire Chasm and killed the main boss in there. I was going to try to fish for Old Crafty inside the waterfall in the Valley of Honor, but I had died so much finding my way and getting into Ragefire Chasm (being detected by guards) that I left it for another time. I wonder if Elixirs of Camouflage or anything could help being detected by the guards so much...

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  1. Isn't there a dude at Toshley's Station that sells a pot that makes stealth stealthier? Or is that just a quest reward?