Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Feloreynn and reminiscing about being a young nightelf

This is Veloreynn, who I sometimes call Feloreynn because she has an uncanny knack for finding the elusive Fel Lotus. The two of us are crazy psycho herbalists and do A LOT of herbing. Sometimes I'll come on and ask her "Hey Vel, how's the Fel outlook today?" And Vel will respond like "Outlook good in Terokkar but only 6% chance in Netherstorm" or "Clear skies in Zangarmarsh but stormy in Hellfire". Anyways we are dorks.

Well we had a conversation last night as to which one of us was going to drop alchemy to pick up inscription for the guild. It made most sense for one of us to pick it up since we both herb like mad and are main toons. After some discussion, we decided that Vel would pick up inscription next week. Neither of us really cared either way, but as I am also planning on quickly leveling up fishing and cooking, we decided Vel would do it. I am going to be sad to be losing my fellow alchemist, as the two of us have supplied flasks and pots for the guild. I will have to step up production!

So in preparation, I have been roaming around the old world picking Azerothian (is that a word?) herbs so that Vel can powerlevel inscription up to 375. Its kinda neat going back to some of these places that I haven't been to in a long long time (remember I'm a mainaholic) and makes me reminisce about being a young innocent nightelf.


  1. Of course "Azerothian" is a word. There's an Azerothian Diamond after all :-)

  2. Hey, if you don't exactly know how much herbs you need, try this guide on the wotlkWiki:

    It goes only up to 300 though...