Friday, September 14, 2012

Do you think I could ask for royalties?

Last week I was randomly looking at blog statistics when an interesting blog visitor caught my eye. Yep, from a Blizz IP address in Irvine, CA, someone was checking out this old post and even clicking on the pics to get closer looks.

If anyone sees a future helm design close to any of those Philip Treacy hats, let me know!!! And in case Blizz needs any more inspirations, some more:

Fire mage:


Shadow priest:

OMG look its Druid tier 8!!!

I don't know who this would be but I find this so incredibly stunning:

Since we're talking fashion, let's provide some shoe inspirations (even though you really don't see or notice shoes in the game):

Holy priest:




Shadow priest:

The shoes are leaving behind a trail of black puffy smoke!


  1. Oh - that last hat? Mage, no question. I adore these juxtapositions of real life and Azeroth-life! Great post!

  2. Ooo I love this! Fashion meeting WoW is nothing short of epic. Also, I really want those druid shoes now XD

  3. Apparently, if you have your way with shadow priest gear, I will be a drag queen in-game.

  4. @Sam: And in-game would differ from real life how?