Monday, March 3, 2008

Could one idol make this much difference?

We took a couple guildies through Shadow Labs this weekend. Geez... that is one long instance. However, happy day for me, as finally [Idol of the Emerald Queen] dropped!

So the next day, I take myself with my new idol through an AV run. Holy crap, I did over 500,000 of healing! Could the switch in my idol make that much difference? Either way... I am one happy tree.


  1. Hell yes! I know Bellwether is still trying to get her Idol of the Emerald Queen. Grats, K!

  2. Grats on the idol! I know I was totally ecstatic when I got mine.

  3. Hey there, dear, its Nebesa of Darkmoon Faire. Try using Recount to analyse your healing in dungeons or anywhere else, its extremely accurate and nice done on the whole...