Tuesday, June 26, 2012

For the record

Yep, I'm still around and still playing. However I've been on the road pretty much this entire month. By the end of this month I will have spent 21 nights in a hotel. FML. Thus while I still find time to play, my day time working hours have left little time to blog.

We are still raiding at least once a week, which I think is pretty good for this late in the expansion. Some screenshots after Heroic Z the other week. My guild likes to joke around that I never dispel.

Look, I have proof! So not only did I dispel, but also faerie fired the boss. We like to call it FFFFS or FFSFF ("Faerie Fire for Fuck Sake" or "For Fuck Sake Faerie Fire"). Top dispeller AND faerie fire?!?! Sigh. Carrying 9 others on my shoulders is so exhausting.

Nico/Bruenok and I were talking the other day about his raiding time with us coming to an end this fall due to a move overseas. It makes me sad because we have the strongest healing team we've ever had. Even Lorosia, whose conversations with me tend to go something like this:

Lorosia: This will be interesting, I changed all my keybindings.
Keredria: Why does that matter, don't you just bind that bullshit OP holy radiance to every key anyways?
Lorosia: Yes, but you make me cast might.
Keredria: /sigh

Anyways, in our guild's raiding history, we've usually had one healer who was just a little bit behind the other two. But having three healers who are equally as good means that we can actually take advantage of class strengths in healing strats instead of relying on the stronger healers.

Its so incredibly refreshing not having to worry about a healer's performance. This leaves me to focus on the things that really matter, like blaming the tanks or dps.

Finally, is it bad that I kind of want to see that movie Magic Mike?


  1. Blame It On the Tanks

  2. I am picturing the excitement at those dispel results and your subsequent fumbling like that Simpsons episode where Homer sees the trampoline and just cannot pronounce it, he's so excited.

  3. NOOOO. Nico cannot leave. To whom will we give all our useless loot? My favorite part of raiding now is listening to his fury when we push polearms and plate gear into his bags.

  4. One fight... ONE fight where she managaes to beat me in dispels, and it is sung over the tops of the highest mountains and to all the people who will listen. The other fights look like this, folks:

    Bruenok: 9
    Lorosia: 8
    Keredria: 0

    And thank you SO much for reminding me of that little "irritation", NKM. Bleh.


    I am going to miss this guild so damned much. /cry

  5. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  6. I didn't know Brue was moving permanently. Now I'm sad. You can't leave me alone with her, Brue! She's crazy!

    We've probably given him enough of those Kiril staves to build a fence for his MoP garden out of them.

    It's been good healing w/ ya, Brue. Hope to still see you online.

  7. nobody touching the Magic Mike question with a 10000 foot pole...