Thursday, January 19, 2012

WoW on the brain

Last Saturday night I had the pleasure of being on the Twisted Nether podcast. It was a good time, though I'm not sure if I talked enough. While Sam texted me at the start of the interview to take it over like I do our raids, I'm actually quite shy in new situations. Many thanks to them for having me on. And I think with the guildies who were in the live chat, folks like Rades got a good sense of what our guild and our subsequent raids can be like. Crazy yet amusing.

Onto the title of this post. It's funny how once you start playing WoW it often shapes a lot of what you see or read or come across. For example, I saw this post the other day, a map released by NASA about where the trees are in the US, and what my mind saw was this:

Or how my mind interpreted a couple of Dilbert comics to apply to our guild and raids:

Clearly I have issues.

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  1. The US looks like a Heigan dance floor. You're in the slime. Noob.