Monday, April 11, 2011

Off nights and other things

Hahahaha, I love this. Please don't tell me if you are too young to know where this comes from. If that is the case, I hate you, but you also missed out on an awesome decade. 80s love.

So hello. Last night our raid had one of the worst off nights I can remember in a long time. Stuff that wasn't an issue 3 nights prior became issues. Everything that could have gone wrong seemed to go wrong... stupid mistakes, inconveniently timed DCs, unexplainable deaths, and so on.

Where the hell do off nights come from anyways? I mean what Blizz related stars have to be misaligned in the Blizzard cosmos to constitute an off night? Some possibilities:
* Was there more than 20 people at once in Exodar?
* Did Alliance successfully defend Tol Barad across multiple servers?
* Were 100 pugs for the daily heroic just successfully completed where everyone knew what they were doing and no one bitched?

Or maybe all of the above events have to happen at the exact same time to create an off night? I don't know what the hell it is, but we had it last night. Bad. At the end of the raid I think I said something to the effect of, "This night just needs to end".

I know that every raid has their off nights. But I should probably be a little better about accepting and dealing with them. While I know everyone else was frustrated, I was the only one throwing around f bombs on vent and my good old stand by favorite, FFS. FFS!

Since I was in an irritated and f bomb laced mood at the end of the raid, I figured I might as well put it to good use and pvp. So I immediately entered several BGs and low and behold, I finally got Alterac Valley All Star! Woohoo! Now that I have that achieve, Master of Alterac Valley is doable once I grind out the wins. It's kind of irritating that if it were to track all of my wins, I would have it by now, but since it only started tracking since October 2008 I'm still a ways away.

Some other things to share from past raids:

It's not as bad now, but when Cata first launched and cloth was at such a premium, it would be a guild joke for tanks or melee to make bandages in the raid just to needle the tailors. But when they did, the tailors would (and still do) retaliate by making bolts of cloth. I call it a cloth off:

I think we were doing some trash somewhere... what was it, BWD? And Chanti all of a sudden calls out for me to soothe the trash. Soothe? WTH? I mean it sounded like a vaguely familiar spell, but I didn't even have it on my spell bar. When I did find out what it was, I think my reaction was something like "What? That is what we have the hunter here for! I mean, its not like the dps is asked to use bandages on the tanks!"

Though perhaps Chanti asked because from all the pvp I do, I tend to be very fast on the CCs... whether that is cyclone, root, or hibernate, I'll often do it instintively without being asked if some CC breaks or things go awry. I guess I should put soothe on my bar? But don't tell Chanti because then he'll ask for me to do it again.

A more recent guild joke has been that I will not be the designated dispel person. Seriously, why should I dispel and spend like 3k mana for each dispel when we have a pally healer with endless mana who can do judging stuff (whatever the hell that is) to regen? Amirite or amirite? I mean, I will dispel someone if I see that they need it, but yeah... don't make me the designated person.

With Lorosia out this past week, I volunteered Jess' shammy Makawee dispel... but then told him to dispel faster because on one attempt I had to dispel a couple of times. The horror! =)

Finally, a screenshot from raid convo a while back... which was clearly a joke because I would never give our pally healer Lorosia my innervate:


  1. Remember? Hell I bought the cassette tape.

    Angry angry tree.

    /cast [target=Keredria] Soothe

    What is interesting about us is that while either of us is quite capable of getting very worked-up, it's very rarely both of us at the same time (and Elune help us if that happens).

  2. Don't you hate off nights? They feel so maddening and just plain not fun. But hopefully they don't happen too often, so you won't have to deal with one again in a while. PVP *does* do wonders for "soothing" oneself after a frustrating raid night, heh. And speaking of, we had a case (just in a Heroic) the other night where I called out for the druid too Soothe an enrage and everyone else on Vent had the typical "Do what now?" "Soothe? Is that new?" comedy skit. It never did get Soothed. They were all amused but I was tanking and am COMPLETELY NEW at tanking, so I grumbled about them making my job harder, haha. ;D

  3. Do. Not. Hate. On. Judgement! Just because we can get back 3K plus mana at the cost of a cool-down every 8 seconds. At least I THINK it's 8 seconds, it's been so long now. I am not even going to know what a healing spell is when I get back. /sigh.

  4. OMG I'm a tailor... I kept asking people for cloth to level it but they all wanted it for their stupid bandages (mostly for the achievement). I said I'd give it back after I leveled since I got more than them. This was after whatever patch added the cloth scavenging thing.

    And just a week or two ago one of them sent me about 200 heavy bandages to annoy me =/

  5. @Jess: Mmm... so the only reason I should put soothe on my bar should be to try to soothe myself, eh? And really isn't it 90% of the time, ME who is all worked out and f bombing all over the place?

    @Rades: Off nights are even harder for me to swallow because we now only raid twice a week. Losing an entire night is a much bigger deal than in Wrath when we raided 3 times a week. =(

    So YOU'RE telling druids to soothe too? What in the... what kind of insane crazy behavior is spreading around?

    @Nico: Don't worry, you'll pick it up in no time!

    @Sakaki: Aw... I definitely felt for you tailors... esp at the beginning of Cata.

  6. @ Jessika: I've never seen you AND K angry before, boss. That is indeed a bad moon rising. Maybe being out here has its' advantages.

    @ Keredria: It may be a little more difficult than you think, K. Remember our last conversation? Well, I finally decided. Nico has served well and faithfully... he has more than earned his rest. It's time to find out what a dwarf resto/elemental shaman can do.

  7. @Keredria: Well yeah, but we respond differently. When you get worked-up you are more expressive, whereas I stop talking.

    @Nico: I think K and I tend to be a bit compensatory in that regard. However I remember a night in the Plagueworks of ICC (maybe you were not there) where we were both in a terrible mood, although now I cannot recall why. I don't think much was said on vent or in raid/guild chat, which was probably for the best, as there was much angry whispering.

  8. Alt + 1 -> Entangling Roots
    Alt + 2 -> Cyclone
    Alt + 3 -> Hibernate
    Alt + 4 -> Soothe

    Better than just using those, is being asked to!

    And last night, on my second raid that week (alt got the first run), on its third night, raiding 3 hours straight to try 9/12 on 25, when I was assigned to Soothe the BWD trash so we could move forward? And the trash got so big from stacking enrage that could almost 2-hit both tankers, and I didn't even had the dragon on my target?

    Please, forget that.

    I'll never try clear the content with both main and alt in the same week. Ever...

  9. A) The important about Lionel Richie is this: without him, America would have continued to believe that the victims of domestic abuse were only women. He was the face and voice of an otherwise silent victim minority - That also made it exceptionally convenient to change the lyrics of "Say you, say me" to "Please don't, beat me"...which is indeed, what I sing to this day when I hear it.

    B) Off night or simply...Nikless?

    That is all.

  10. @Tsvet: Hee hee.

    Ok, ok everyone I will put Soothe on my bar.... but I'm not going to like it!!! :p

    @Nik: Really... so I had to look this up. So was there domestic violence through his marriage or was it just that time when his wife caught him with his mistress?