Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Charlie Sheen... demonology lock?

Isn't it just crazy how much press Charlie Sheen and his crazy antics are getting? I mean its like top news on the morning news shows... with stories on CNN and 20/20. Insanity. I mean isn't there more important news out there?

Anyways, because its hard to not hear or read stuff about the guy, I came across two interesting quotes from him. In referring to Warner Bros. and CBS:

"They're trying to destroy my family, so I take great umbrage with that. And defeat is not an option. They picked a fight with a warlock."

My little pink pigtailed gnome lock Kimchee just raised an eyebrow. Cutely, of course. You think he's affliction, destro, or demonology? Demonology I thinks. Apparently he likes us trees though:

"I think we should do my book, incidentally entitled the best title of all time - 'Apocalypse ME: The Jaws of Life.' I'm going to sell this thing through Amazon and through Kindle. That way we save a bunch of trees. Because they give us our oxygen, face it, and we love trees. We must keep as many around as we can. Must maybe even marry a tree! Marry a tree because the other types of marriage for me didn't work, so I'm just going to marry a tree."

And in response to that quote, K just facepalmed.


  1. Oh, the boy's Destruction all the way! He has fists of flame, don't ya know?

    (Besides, Destruction is kinda apropos in his case.)

  2. @Grimmtooth: Mmmmmm very true, very true. Maybe he's dual specced destro and demonology because lord, the boy has got some demons.

  3. Thought about it. To be honest, I'd have to say Affliction...
    Look at his face for the love of the Gods! It is a bit gaunt. Asides, his constant media DoT wears even the most stalwart down.

  4. @Mhorgrim: Hahaha... media DoTs. :)

    Maybe he is the first triple spec lock ever..., hell, the first triple spec WoW toon ever? I mean, because he is a winner and all.

  5. hmm...I call HAXXZORZ on him! He triple specced through the cocaine//hax program....and then facemelted himself....and then media DoT'ed the world with his super cute minions that he dominated through drinking tiger's blood......

  6. Since he also claims to be a vatican assassin, would that make him his own lock/priest/rogue 3s team?