Wednesday, March 23, 2011

50,000 Honor Kills... how did I get here?

Two words. Holy crap. 50,000 honor kills, that is a lot of killin'. Or healing to help support the killing in my case. So what have I learned in this journey to 50k? First, you're going to die a lot. You just have to accept it and be ok with it. Rez, dust yourself off and carry on. Second, there are no short cuts.

It's one kill at a time. And being Alliance, this has been painful. There are still so many who don't know how the battlegrounds work. Yes, I'm talking about you "thee who stays at stables with 12 others in AB"... and how can I forget about you, "thee who goes for flags when we are down 3-1 bases in Eye of the Storm". What else... what else... oh yeah all the f'in afkers and those who bitch about the heals when Horde are so good at immediately targeting and taking down heals.

Sometimes I've tried in a nice way to guide or direct people. Maybe though some folks just can't be taught.

Now when we're talking pvp, how can we forget the bitching and whining? Honestly I don't understand how people can type and bitch so much during pvp. Um, doesn't that prevent you from hmmm, doing what you're supposed to be doing? I did a lot of bgs and Tol Barads this past weekend in the final push to this achievement. Given I was doing so many, yes my fuse was short when faced with these folks.

I was in an AB with this particularly whiny priest who started bitching very early on and continued throughout, even when it was close and not clear which way the battle was going to go. I told them that they were welcome to leave the group, to which I was told that I was welcome to fuck myself. I said, typical response and noted that maybe if this person would bitch less and dps more, we'd be doing better. This shadow priest did 600,000 dmg where I was just under 3 million in healing.

I think overall its been 50/50 in terms of whether I ignore these guys or engage them and tell them to stfu. Sometimes its just easy to let it all go and say its not worth it, but then sometimes I get so irritated and mad at these guys and have to have my say. Is raging at nerd rage nerd rage as well? But oh God... the nerd rage! Nerf nerd rage in 4.1 please.

I do have to say though that there have been plenty of folks who are incredibly grateful for good heals from someone in full resilience gear who is also running around rooting and cycloning folks. There have been many many times where people have whispered me, cheered at me, hugged me, or typed in chat, thanking and praising my heals. That has always been nice and rewarding and I try to remember those moments the next time I'm in a painful bg.

So any particular class I hate the most in pvp?

Mmm not particularly. I wonder how many patches of pvp related nerfs/buffs these 50k honor kills relate to. Because I've been through all the phases of various OP-ness... rogues... ret pallys... dks... warriors... though right now the that class makes me cry in bgs are those darned pesky mages. Nerf mages!

My favorite bg of all time? Arathi Basin, hands down. Back in BC I probably would have said that AB was a tie with Alterac Valley. But my love for AV has diminished a bit (defend Balinda plz since Horde will defend Galv kkthxbai), while not changing for AB. If I just want to do some real pvp, I'll queue directly for AB.

I think the nature of pvp and what makes many people enjoy it, makes it less likely that you're going to have a lot of healers. So why do I do it? How did I start? Well I started back in the BC days when you needed to pvp to get certain gear to raid in. But now? Well, yes I've gotten addicted to the adrenaline rush, even with the associated swearing that comes with it. I also love the satisfaction of being able to last much longer than I should against 3 or 4 Horde.

But more than that, when I pvp on K, I feel like I can have a real measurable effect on the outcome of the bg. Especially if I'm in one of the smaller 10-15 man bgs... a good healer or two makes all the difference. It's perhaps that feeling of knowing that you could be the game changer that keeps me at it.

When I got the achievement, Chanticleer noted that I was now half way to 100k and thus getting the "of the Alliance" title. But my gosh... 100k is pretty freakin' crazy! While I doubt that I will make it to 100k, I'm not done pvping. I may step back just a bit since I've been recently grinding bgs and Tol Barad like crazy to get this achievement. I need to give my blood pressure a break. =) But I'll be back at it. As long as I am playing this game, pvp is an integral part of the game for me!

*P.S. I'd like to thank my guild for putting up with all the caps lock and profanity laced tree rage in guild chat during many of these 50k honor kills.


  1. All I got to say is I feel yer pain! But your dedication reflects highly upon yourself, your guild and Azeroth *pops Salute*. Oh, add this...why is it that people who are outnumbered try to fight in mid field on WSG? I mean, wouldnt it be so much simpler if ummm I dunno...everyone who is on O Keep to the flanks to get to the E base and then come back? I havent figured this out. Or, why is it that healers are so few and far between for the BGs on Alliance side? I havent figured this out...bubbles plus heals = Awesome...*I cry I cry*

  2. At least 4-5 of those kills have been at my expense...did you notice the DK waving at you a few times at Slagworks in Tol Barad this last week? I have a screenshot or two, I'll email it to you later. :D

  3. "*P.S. I'd like to thank my guild for putting up with all the caps lock and profanity laced tree rage in guild chat during many of these 50k honor kills."

    I must say, it was a nice balance of cursing the Alliance and the Horde, though

  4. I opened up your blog this morning and though, "When did K enable cheesy ads on her site?!?" Then I realized the ab ad was part of your post. hehehe.

    I do enjoy healing in BGs as well, but right now I'm preoccupied with leveling Archaeology. Maybe one day when you're in a pvp mood again , check to see if Rokkon is on and we can group queue for something.

  5. Hmm, what's the suggestion for farther enhancing magi abilities?!

    Grats on the achievement

  6. @Mhorgrim: Oh god... WSG. We are so bad at WSG. I think I have the least amount of wins there.

    @Rades: Aw... honestly I probably didn't even notice you waving at me. I'd love to see the screenshots, I bet they'll crack me up.

    @Lorosia: True... I alternate between yelling f'in Alliance and f'in Horde!

    @Rokkon: Hee hee... yeah I came across a number of funny images that I wanted to use somehow in a post. =) We should do rated bgs!

    @Darc: NERF mages in pvp Darc, not buff. Thx!

  7. Grats on 50k. I started leveling a rogue in the bg's recently. Just hit lvl 50 and have almost 12k hk's.

    I feel your pain on the general level of asshatery present in the bg's.

    I've totally given up on winning and trying to help people improve their game.

    The number of stfu's i got by just mentioning the presence of the wsg, defiler, and frostwolf vendors was insane. It blows my mind that a lvl 40 toon wouldn't want to know where to pick up a pair of epic bracers. But would rather roll around in some green wrists from bfd or some such.

    It's to the point now that I simply don't talk at all during matches (primarily wsg). I have my own set of goals. If we win great, if we don't that's fine too because the majority of the time I'll have met my personal goals. (8:1 kb to death ratio)