Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The sky is falling!

I was in IF last night and trying to access the guild bank. However, I couldn't open it! D'oh! I wondered if my tank jokes had gone too far and Jess had prohibited access. But then I tried to open my bank and couldn't do that either. Then look, all the auctioneers in IF disappeared!

I believe I know what happened. Not too long before the server crashed, I had been in a non-premade WSG and we won, 3 flags to 0. It was probably just too much to take... that an alliance non-premade could win. The server probably froze over and crashed. Oops. Sorries Drenden.

However all of this pvping was so that I could pick up Merciless Gladiator's War Staff so that when I am a boomkin, I could do some decent damage!


  1. Not only that, but you brought Cairne and several other servers down too!

  2. Yes, it was me and those 9 other folks in that WSG. Next time I shall make sure to keep the status quo... to keep things in equilibrium so that an alliance non-premade WSG gets their asses whooped... as usual.