Thursday, January 24, 2008

You might be a healer if in real life...

* Your favorite color is green
* All your friends come to you for comfort and support when they need it
* You always keep yourself well hydrated
* You never used bandages... no matter what kind of cut or blister you had!
* You don’t like getting your hands dirty

lol... the above list is just a little silliness.

So I mentioned in a previous post that all of my alts are healers as well. I wonder what is it about healing to appeals to me? Is there something in my personality that lends itself towards healing?

I'm curious, do certain personality types lean towards healing? For those of you who know about and have taken the Myers Brigg Personality type, what are you? I am an INTJ. I would be curious to see whether certain classes fit more into a certain type than others. Are gamers more I than E? Healers more I than tanks? What are you?

Side note: two posts in one day! Woot!


  1. XNTP healer (I split between E and I on Meyers Briggs). I also like to stand back and nuke. I'm not fond of melee. Not enough Halo time, I suppose.

  2. ISTJ according to an online test (although I took it twice to be sure...what does THAT say about me?). However I do not lean strongly toward any of these (moderate for I and slight for STJ).

  3. You're kidding me - there are other people who wonder about this? Other people who've also taken the Myers-Briggs test?

    Dang, I thought I was always alone xD

    I was the Daedelus project would so something on the mentality between healers, tanks, DPS, Utiliy, all sorts of different classes. Mainly healing, since it's often so fundamentally different from everything else.

    I'm an INFP. I've taken the test many times and it always comes out relatively the same. Always been INFP at least. In fact, I'll go take it again to give the whole 'weighted' stuff.


    There we go:

    # very expressed introvert
    # distinctively expressed intuitive personality
    # very expressed feeling personality
    # moderately expressed perceiving personality

    It's apparently odd for me being an engineer, but I get INFP every time.

    I played a Wizard in EQ, and I had always taken the role of the nuker early on. Sometime, maybe after getting to college, it changed. Dunno' what exactly it was but I did a 180 on the nuking and started to love healing. Been resto since I hit 70 - started playing WoW with the intention of speccing resto at 70 for my guild. I play a White Mage from time to time on FFXI as well.

    I would love seeing if there's some commonality between archetypes in MMOs and the people who play them. I don't know enough by myself to even begin, though.

  4. Bah. I *wish.*

    And "utility."

    That's what I get for not previewing enough.

  5. Hmm... I've never take the Myers-Briggs thing. But I do know that healing is addicting. I recently rolled my first priest. Two days later I began pondering whether or not to respec my Shaman into resto. Three days later I'm still wondering but the urge gets stronger and stronger.